Tourism Imaginaries (Conference)

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Imaginaries of place, destination, and travel are increasingly produced/consumed by diverse populations around the globe through expanding forms of media and opportunities for travel. A range of players collaboratively produces spatial imaginaries (the potential power of place as a tourist destination) in touristic systems.

The tourist imaginary, as a nexus of social practices through which individuals and groups intersect to establish a place as a credible destination, has yet to be fully explored or defined. We have organized this conference with the goal of deepening knowledge of, and advancing research methods and scholarship towards a more complete understanding of the tourist imaginary.

Conference papers not only conceive the imaginary to be a fixed space at an exact location, but also take into account the multiplicity of articulations which exist in all directions (as well as before and after) in the production of these representations, taking into account both cultural/institutional and personal perspectives


Tourism Studies Working Group
University of California at Berkeley

Equipe Interdisciplinaire d’Edutes Sur Le Tourisme (EIREST)
Institute of Advanced Studies and Research on Tourism (IREST)
University of Paris 1 Pantheon‐Sorbonne

Berkeley, February 18th-20th, 2011.

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